the Summer arrived today!

image1260071128.jpgit was so good to get the shorts out today, no socks and surf shirt on.

here is a picture of a birthday card my dad did for me, the card features me in action using my Wii fit plus

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The rain in Spain

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain

It can also fall on a number if other areas too

test link


Mobile Blogging from here.

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Rusdaddy on the Wii

This is a test to see what happens with the image upload and text

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Cellspin iPhone app

Testing text editing from cellspin

You can use the to send video, photo, text, and audio to wordpress, Twitter, facebook etc

It is very simple to use too, almost too simple !

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Wii Fit Plus has changed my life!

To quantify this statement I must add a bit if background. I am am nearly 50 and have not done any physical exercise to talk of for over 20 years! I have a yearning for sweet things and have a real taste for biscuits.

By December 2009 my weight had reached about 17 1/2 stone and I decided that I wanted to do something about it.

As it was nearly Christmas time there we ads on the Tv showing the Wii Fit Plus In action and that was the catalyst.

I had a Nintendo Wii firmly at the top of my list for presents and was delighted to find that on Christmas day my wife had bought me one.

All my children set up their own Mii characters first followed by me. The system asks for your height and then weighs you to the work out your BMI.

I have been greatly encouraged to have all my kids and thier G Friends in the game too.

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Blogging from the train

This is my ride

— Post From My iPhone

Location:Tandridge,United Kingdom

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Is WordPress my new future?

I created my first account in Aug 2006, and here I am testing it again.

I really like what I am seeing 😉

right off to the country now



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